Freelance Web Design by Paul Monaco




bringing strong images, memories, or feelings to mind


Hello!  My name is Paul Monaco, a freelance web designer based in Manchester, Ct.  I've been professionally freelancing since 1996 in a limited capacity but due to a recent layoff I'm pursuing this as a full time venture.


I realize that for a designer my own website appears very incomplete, and I would agree.  This is because I humbly put my own work aside so that I can place my clients needs at the highest priority.


And to be honest, I really need to keep food on the table and convert this into a sustainable business as quickly as possible!

  • Born in the era of letterpress I bring good old fashioned work ethics to the table.
  • Entrepreneur focused - Working with small operations is what I do best.  I love watching small businesses grow.
  • Realistic and affordable pricing, services fully scalable to your needs.
  • No Ego - Client centric.  If you don't like it then it's not right until you say it is.


+1 (860) 870-8871