Freelance Web Design by Paul Monaco - Upcycle Furnishings and Decor


Here's a great example of how I can really help a one man business. "Mr. P." loves to create his artisan quality upcycled pieces.  He's constantly working on projects then bringing them to area shows to sell.  The vast majority of his works are custom designed for his clients but tend to be similar in nature.


Clients are always asking if he has pictures of the works he's done.  At first he maintained a photo album that he'd bring to shows but this wasn't ideal as often people wanted to bring the album home so they it could be reviewed with other members of the family.  This worked at first but as his business grew keeping track of who had the albums and getting them back became an awkwardly cumbersome task.


Mr. P. looked into printing a physical catalog but with his rapidly changing collection this would be a costly proposition.


The web was clearly the answer.  I was commissioned to maintain a simple desktop and mobile friendly site to show off his creations.  Mr. P. simply emails me photos of his new pieces and I maintain them online in a simple categorized website.


I'm currently expanding his reach to his fans by creating a Facebook and Twitter account so they can be quickly notified of new designs.  This is being done for about the cost of hosting a site on one of those DIY platforms without the hassles of having to maintain it. - Psychology and Spiritual Therapy


A renaissance woman in the world of holistic health.  Cynthia's practice runs through a diverse range of treatment from traditional psychotherapy, Lyme disease support, Crystal Healing, Reiki and Reiki Fusion.


Her vast knowledge of all these topics means she has quite a bit to share.  A traditional design agency would quickly become cost prohibitive from an hourly rate standpoint but with our flat-rate plan we were able to quickly wire-frame the site and put out the important content, then over time flesh out the site and present all her material.


Over the years this site continues to grow.  Content is always being added and removed and this is being done with an affordable and expected rate.  No surprises!